Happy Pets

Happy Pets was founded by two good frends who love animals and have rescued more than 100 animals within the last few years just between the two of them.   They decide to run a boarding/adoption place to help many of the rescuers to house their rescued animals temporarily.  Currently they have approximately 100 animals in their rented location near Minghang Beiqiao subway station.  The cat rooms have plenty of toys, and the area around has lots of green area for the dogs to run around twice a day.  Happy Pets' mission is to focus on boarding and to give all the animals the best care that they can offer.  They offer one thing more than a regular pet shop: both the ladies will try their best to find a good home for the animals since they know all the animals will love to have a real home.  Please be reminded that adoption is free but boarding is not, please don't leave your unwanted pets at any pet shop iresponsibly.

For anyone interested in adoption and boarding, please contact Amy Li at 13611856704 or email her at littlestonema@qq.com

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