Adoption Procedures


Qing qing

ShangHai HongKou     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Qing Qing was found during national day holiday. It was an orphan cat and less than one month old. It has grown up and is perfectly healthy now, eats cat food and uses cat litter. It’s playful and active. Qingqing is waiting for a lifetime home.

Man tou

ShangHai HongKou     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Our mama brought us to human’s balcony on a stormy rainy day. The balcony is filled with food and watter, then we decided to stay. My siblings have been adopted only me left. I am already 3 months old, very healthy and playful. Human is looking for a reliable home for me. Please wechat the balcony owner: a13636388386


ShangHai HongKou     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

I found Cosmo on September 16 in a public garden near the building where I live (Hongkou district). He was left outside with a cardboard box and a little bit of dry cat food next to him. He was not afraid at all, and let me touch him and hold him … so I knew immediately he was a “house kitten” that had been abandoned to his own devices. Cosmo was to friendly and unable to survive outside, so I took him home immediately. In my home he received parasite treatment even though it seemed he did not have any fleas at all. Cosmo has shown to have a very sweet personality and he is also very cuddly. Every day he enjoys playing with my other rescued kittens and having long naps! He is a purring machine too!

Bianca and 4 kittens

ShangHai     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Hello everyone, If you are seriously interested in adopting any of them, then please contact the rescuer. Please share! Thank you! Please remember that, if you want to adopt an animal, you must be aware of the responsibilities: 1. Keeping pets is a commitment requiring constant attention and care. In return for their devotion, owners are ensured periods of happiness with pets. But if you are not ready for the long term commitment, do not adopt. 2. Animals need love, regular healthy feeding, and periodic visits to the Vet.


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: 1-5 years

Milk is a beautiful girl with different eye color. she was rescued when she was only 4 month old. now she has been 2 years old. She was returned few months ago for her adopter left China but can not take her with family.Milk is super clingy, friendly with people. but not goes well with other animals. So the family without any animal would be perfect for her. Milk would be the best campaign cat at home if you decide to give her a permanent home. Please give her a chance, she deserves it.


ShangHai HongKou     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

When I was only about several weeks, I was hit badly and helped by some kids to be rescued. My rescuer brought me to pet hospital but the doctor advised to put me to sleep. I tried my best to stand up hoping for a chance to live. Miracles do happen. I not only survived but grew up to be a perfectly healthy ginger cat. The bad hit I suffered from my childhood left me problems. My head is sometimes slanted to one side and half of my face is paralyzed a little bit, but I am still active and affectionate.Now I am 3months old and I am praying for a lifetime home.


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: < 1 year

The puppy, which was thrown at a very young age, was of a schnauzer, timid and cautious.


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:10kg - 20kg   Age: < 1 year

The puppy I met while walking my dogs,just around 2 months old. I was worried that he had met the bad guy outside, so he brought home. The little boy is cheerful and lively and strong and lovely.


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: 1-5 years

kaba was dumped in a pudong park and has been the companion of the security guards there. A very lovely dog that will stand up and greet people with her hands together. Park wants all dogs out, and the guards plea for help and a rescuer took her to the shelters, she gave birth after a week to three puppies. Now she is spayed and all ready to find a good home, small size dog, a little over one year old.


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Kaka was born to kaba, a dog rescued from the park and gave burr right after. Now two of his siblings are adopted and left with kaka, hope he finds a good home too. Very friendly puppy.

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