Adoption Procedures



ShangHai JingAn     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: 1-5 years

Teddy:Sweety ,she's over two years old girl . already spayed. dewormed and vaccinated.She is very pretty and very very very very docile.The dog can accompany you and your family. she Waiting for a kindly master.

Qiu qiu and Rourou

ShangHai YangPu     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: < 1 year

Bichon Frise:Qiuqiu and Rourou ,They are all 7months girl . already spayed. dewormed and vaccinated.She is very pretty and very very very very docile.The dog can accompany you and your family. she Waiting for a kindly master.


ShangHai ZhaBei     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: < 1 year

6~7 months old A poor little guy used to be suffered by parvovirus, demodex and starvation, but he managed his strove to survive and came back to health. A black Labrador mixtured breed with some white hair on his chest.

Hua hua

ShangHai HongKou     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

This beautiful cat suddenly appeared at the building. My parents gave her some food then she stays here everyday. She is so clever that even follow my parents to the apartment. However there are 3 cats and 1 dog at home already.My parents can't afford any other animal. The cat is extremely friendly with people,she will show up immediately once you call her name. She likes to rub around you and play with you.We gave her a name called Hua hua.She seems to around 5-6 months, very clean.Living in the building is not a good way, I hope she would have chance to have a home. I am sure she deserved. If anyone would like to adopt her, I will take her to finish the body checkup and promise you get a healthy cat without disease. Meanwhile the adopter needs to spay her and help her to finish vaccination. The weather is getting colder, pls give her a chance to have a warm family.


ShangHai PuDong     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: 1-5 years

Zeus was rescued by Awa and Laksh (Awa's son) one afternoon of June 2017, outside the entrance of Century Park in Pudong. He was standing in the middle of the road during busy traffic hours. Awa managed to get Zeus to the side of the road, but also noticed that there was a huge wound on his neck and back. Awa and Laksh immediately arranged a safety harness using a rope and rushed him to Shenkang Vet hospital. There the Vet doctor suspected him having a tumor and therefore there were various blood tests, biopsy tests and ultrasounds done, and then it was found out that it was not a tumor but a bite from another dog which had got infected. Awa arranged for getting all his medical treatment done and also got him fully vaccinated. Some time after that Zeus went to a foster home, but unfortunately he was not able to get along with the lady of the house and therefore he was sent back to Awa. Now Zeus is waiting for a foster home / adoptive home, and Awa is also planning of setting up a training program for him to help him to learn how to get along with different types of people. If you are seriously interested in meeting Zeus for fostering or adoption please contact his rescuer Awa in the following Wechat ID: keka1724 Thanks!

Min min&Pipi

ShangHai Baoshan     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: < 1 year

White one is a spirited and handsome boy called Min min. He is flexible and jealous. He is very attached to people. He is very smart. He knows where he can pee pee when a urinal pad is placed. The brown one is a sweet girl called Pipi. No barking at home. She has a cross pattern on the chest. She could be a perfect companion for your family life. They were saved on a overpass. When you are interested in adopting them, please contact us. We hope they can find a forever home, living happily for the rest of their life.


ShangHai MingHang     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: < 1 year

Beautiful and gentle boy,8 months old. Good campanion with people. Looking forward a sweet home forever.


ShangHai MingHang     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:5kg - 10kg   Age: 1-5 years

Tony was rescued when he was a month old, the rescuer has kept him since then.He is very pretty, nice and quiet. easy going with cats or dogs, good habits like a mini size black Labrador. he will timid with stranger, this is the biggest reason for he still didn't find the people who can love him. But if you can open your heart and give your love to him, he will pay 120% back to you. Tony is a really sweet and clingy boy. We hope he can find a loving and permanent home.


ShangHai MingHang     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:10kg - 20kg   Age: 1-5 years

Lucy was rescued when she was a puppy, she was tiny and weak at that time. The rescuer spent a lot time to take care her and made her back to healthy. Lucy was adopted when she was 6 months, but unfortunately the adopter turned her back after 2 years cuz their child has allergy to the dog. Lucy is so calm and sweet, not aggressive or over excited. belongs to medium size dog only with 14kg. She loves to stay with people and very clingy. Lucy feels hurt after she was sending back. if you can promise her for her rest of the time pls contact me. She deserves your love.

The "Cuddly Brothers" wanna find a place to call their own

ShangHai     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Stan & Stella need a HOME brother & sister 6 weeks old adoptable in pair 1st vaccination soon adorable & playful

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