Lost Angels Rescue Group

Lost Angels Rescue Group was founded by Sun ayi to help save some lucky stray dogs off the streets.  The shelter in Fengxian district has now around 30 dogs looking for home.  Sun ayi is retired, and loves to do what she loves to help dogs.  She has a nice 8 acres place which she will like to develop into an playground and education center.  She advocates saving within one's ability, and can only take in one dog if she adopt out one.  Thanks for your understanding.

For adoption or other inquiries, please contact 479181261@qq.com cc BestFriendsChina@hotmail.com

Animal Home

A few good friends in Shanghai started way back in 1990s to feed and rescue stray animals.  They have rescued a few hundred animals to date.  Currently they have more than 60 animals on hand, mostly dogs.  They rented two places in Pudong and Songjiang respectively.  They have now 5 partners, ranging in age from 20s to 60s, each contribute equally towards all the animals they rescue, creating a good harmonized model for rescue work.  After more than 20 years of selfless rescue, they have formed a team called Animal Home, to help some lucky animals within their ability.  To adopt please contact: hoooome2014@qq.com

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