Adoption Procedures



ShangHai MingHang     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: 1-5 years

Age: About 2 years old Gender: Male Health: Neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, FIV positive but his medical checkup shows him healthy as a normal cat Personality: Very nice and friendly to people and dogs! (because many people who used to feed him were walking dogs!). His Story: The rescuer was doing TNR (trap-neuter-release) in a compound and found Guagua with his left back leg broken. He was supposed to be released after his recovery but, because he is really nice to every person, the rescuer decided to try her best to find a home for him. Unfortunately, Guagua's medical checkup shows he is FIV positive (although he is very healthy). Many FIV+ cats can live long and healthy lives. In fact, they can live their entire life without ever becoming sick or showing any symptoms of FIV. Given that Guagua is a total ginger sweetheart, we want to find him a permanent loving home instead of returning him to that compound.


ShangHai JingAn     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: 1-5 years

A cute cat with a foot injured in the road, took it to the hospital to deal with the wound, so help him find a new home. The personality is very gentle and quiet, suitable for family raising.


ShangHai     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Hello everyone, If you are seriously interested in adopting Bianca, then please contact the rescuer. Please share! Thanks! Please remember that, if you want to adopt an animal, you must be aware of the responsibilities: 1. Keeping pets is a commitment requiring constant attention and care. In return for their devotion, owners are ensured periods of happiness with pets. But if you are not ready for the long term commitment, do not adopt. 2. Animals need love, regular healthy feeding, and periodic visits to the Vet.

Qing qing

ShangHai HongKou     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Qing Qing was found during national day holiday. It was an orphan cat and less than one month old. It has grown up and is perfectly healthy now, eats cat food and uses cat litter. It’s playful and active. Qingqing is waiting for a lifetime home.


ShangHai HongKou     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

When I was only about several weeks, I was hit badly and helped by some kids to be rescued. My rescuer brought me to pet hospital but the doctor advised to put me to sleep. I tried my best to stand up hoping for a chance to live. Miracles do happen. I not only survived but grew up to be a perfectly healthy ginger cat. The bad hit I suffered from my childhood left me problems. My head is sometimes slanted to one side and half of my face is paralyzed a little bit, but I am still active and affectionate.Now I am 3months old and I am praying for a lifetime home.


ShangHai JingAn     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Pipe is a little tabby red kitten, looking for a forever home in Shanghai, he was trapped inside a building wall, so scared and little, he was bottle fed and now is ready for adoption, perfect for a household with other cats, small dogs and kids, being a kitten, he’s full of energy! Adopter needs to be willing to install window screen, let home visit the first months, spay her after she turn 6 months and if move abroad, take him along with them. Responsible adoption!


ShangHai LuWan     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: > 5 years

friendly white fluffy house cat. Work has meant a shift to HK and no animals are allowed in the provided accomodation. It is also rather difficult to take a cat to HK and arguably an unsettling process for any cat. We tried with friends to take the cat, however, they are mostly all cat lovers and have 1 or 2 of their own already. Will like to find someone to adopt by January.

Cui Hua

ShangHai HuangPu     Sex:母 (F)   Weight:< 5kg   Age: < 1 year

Four month old,long haired kitten looking for forever home. Cui Hua was abandoned and found during heavy rain at a downtown Xintiandi apartment complex on May 21. She was crying pitifully for help from the bushes and was famished and dehydrated. She was subsequently rescued and has since been dewormed, defleaed and has completed her two rounds of Tricat vaccinations. She is a very affectionate and quiet kitten, capable of keeping herself entertained. She is being fostered alongside a gentle family dog, and would be a great addition to a family looking for an additional pet.


ShangHai XuHui     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:---   Age: < 1 year

Let's meet Spring,He is very cuddly but also loves to play! He also loves belly rubs ☺ Spring was born on February 12th and is looking for a forever home. vaccinations have been completed fully. Please reach out if you like Spring,contact with me: Vivian:cell phone:13501797783 WeChat:xiaowangzibaixue (Priority will be given to those who adopt spring and summer together!)


ShangHai XuHui     Sex:公 (M)   Weight:---   Age: < 1 year

This is Summer. He is the adventurous one, and loves being active. Summer was born on February 12th and is looking for a forever home.vaccinations have been completed fully. Please reach out If you like Summer,contact with me Vivian:WeChat:xiaowangzibaixue cell phone:13501797783 (Priority will be given to those who adopt spring and summer together!)

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