Black one

好睦屋  upload on 2018年9月28日 18:04   

Pet Type:   dog Name:   Black one Rescue Date:  None
City:   ShangHai Location:   MingHang Weight:  < 5kg Gender:  母 (F) Age:  1-5 years
Desex:   Yes  Vaccinated:   Yes  Rabies:   Yes  Deflea:   Yes  Dewormed:   Yes 
The dog just had an English name, we called her Black one. My Aunts Helped a lot of homeless dogs for more than ten years, up to now, they're still kept 34 dogs in the countryside. The Black one is a new one. one of my Aunts meet her close by the road and who was in a tragic car accident ,l can't imagine that picture. My Aunt took her to the hospital then she survived and she had lost a leg, but she is still a happy dog. If someone want adopt her please tell me know. My Wechat is Xunyangji9999
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