10 Weird Facts about Cats (I)

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作者Author:漫玲 小编Fr. Pclady

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赵天一 Mikayla Z. Fr. NBC

1.菜篮子杀手Vegetable Forager

Scallion, chives, greens…… Have you ever found these vegetables bitten by your cat while you are preparing for dinner? OMG, were genetically modified into rabbits?

【行为剖析 Behavioral Analysis】

This behavior indicates lack of plant components. It’s necessary for cats to ingest vegetables although they are carnivores. Vegetables supply them with chlorophyll and fibrin, which enables them to vomit hair balls inside their bodies.


2.睡觉也抽筋 Sleep with Sudden Cramps

Cats sometimes twitch drastically for a couple of times while asleep as if they were tormented by nightmare. They even roll their eyes occasionally, which is somehow terrifying, but all these symptoms disappear after several seconds. Are they sick?!

【行为剖析 Behavioral Analysis】

Spasms of eyelids and bodies are natural reactions when cats enter the deep sleep phase. According to scientific researches, cats do have dreams. Thus, some assume that cramps symbolize sweet dreams. Besides, cats also twitch when they are awake. When you see a cat twitching and behaving repulsively to touches, that is not a dream reaction, but a real cramp.

3.就爱喝脏水 Dirty Water is Their Favorite

A lot of cat owners found that their sweeties are particularly interested in puddles and lavers. No matter how much fresh water they are provided with, dirty water is their all-time favorite. We kept coaching them to stay away from dirty water which contains germs, but they still think that dirty water is much more delicious.

【行为剖析 Behavioral Analysis】

This is related to animal instincts and nature. Whenever cats get thirsty, they seek for water to quench their thirst without hygienic concerns! And they are not the only ones, dogs usually do the same!


4.老鼠蟑螂恶作剧 Rat & Cockroach Pranks

Cats love to play with ogreish stuff like rats and cockroaches……And then, they leave those “toys” for us. Sometime, we can even find their toys right beside our pillows! And they meow with excitement and joy whereas we are completed freaked out. Why do they love pranks so much?!

【行为剖析 Behavioral Analysis】

Cats do not regard this behavior as a prank. Instead, it’s their attempt of showing intimacy. Whenever they capture preys, they share the trophies with their owners and expect to receive thank and awards. Just like how children express love to their parents, cats do try to show that they do love you, and they do care about you.


5.吮吸行为 Sucking Action

Not only dogs, but also some cats, love to suck something, just like how much infants love to suck fingers and nipples. Some owners assume that their cats are hungry, and thus feed the cats with an insane amount of food. Is it the right solution?

【行为剖析 Behavioral Analysis】

Nope! Biologists have made the diagnosis: premature weaning. These cats left their mums when they were still kittens, and therefore had no access to milk. They often lick or suck woolen or cotton things mightily.






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