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Few steps to help you find you pet quickly in Shanghai


You just noticed your pet is missing? You are just checking in case this happens to you? Do not panic, we are here to help!

BFC have helped many pets find their way back home in the last few years, and we are here to help you, with our knowledge and network.

§  His leash ruptured? The house door was left open? You come home to an empty house? DO NOT PANIC and do not waste any time: Begin the search the minute you notice your pet is missing.

§  ASK EVERYBODY AROUND YOU: security guards, cleaning ladies, neighbors, children, mail carriers, passersby. Show them a photo of your pet. Ask the building management for a taped video from the surveillance camera to see if anyone has picked up your pet.


a.       Recent Picture of your pet

b.       Name of your pet

c.        Description (Age, Sex, Fur color)

d.       How he behaves with strangers (friendly, shy, etc..)

e.       Crossing when he was last seen (and hour/date)

f.         Reward (if any) – Be cautious of scams, rewards attract bad people

g.       Your name and phone number (no address) with a contact for English speakers and a contact for Chinese speakers

§  POST THE FLYER BFC WE CHAT ACCOUNT (BFC_520), email us at bestfriendschina@hotmail.com and post on our FACEBOOK PAGE (www.facebook/bestfriendschina) so all the volunteers can spread the word. Many dogs have been recently found in a few hours thanks to We Chat. Post it everywhere on Weibo and expat websites too – BFC can assist you.

§  PRINT HARDCOPIES of your flyer and give it everywhere you can think of rapidly.

§  GO TO THE LOCAL POLICE STATION: if they picked up your dog, you generally have 48h to retrieve him before he is sent to the dog pound. Prepare proof that you are the owner (microchip tags, vaccination booklet, passport and pictures of you and the dog). This doesn’t apply to cats, unfortunately.

§  GO TO LOCAL PET SHOPS & VET CLINICS – Maybe someone dropped your pet off there. Leave flyers there too.

§  GO BACK HOME, split into teams with friends, and look around the neighborhood. Cats tend to stay closer to their home, while dogs can travel kilometers very quickly, especially if they are afraid. 

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