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种类:   猫 名字:   Guagua 救助日期:  None
所在城市:   上海 寄养地区:   闵行 体重:  < 5kg 性别:  公 (M) 年龄:  1-5 years
绝育:   Yes  免疫:   Yes  狂犬疫苗:   No  体内驱虫:   Yes  体外驱虫:   Yes 
Age: About 2 years old Gender: Male Health: Neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, FIV positive but his medical checkup shows him healthy as a normal cat Personality: Very nice and friendly to people and dogs! (because many people who used to feed him were walking dogs!). His Story: The rescuer was doing TNR (trap-neuter-release) in a compound and found Guagua with his left back leg broken. He was supposed to be released after his recovery but, because he is really nice to every person, the rescuer decided to try her best to find a home for him. Unfortunately, Guagua's medical checkup shows he is FIV positive (although he is very healthy). Many FIV+ cats can live long and healthy lives. In fact, they can live their entire life without ever becoming sick or showing any symptoms of FIV. Given that Guagua is a total ginger sweetheart, we want to find him a permanent loving home instead of returning him to that compound.


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