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种类:   狗 名字:   the most GORGEOUS PUPPIES 救助日期:  None
所在城市:   上海 寄养地区:   浦东新区 体重:  < 5kg 性别:  公 (M) 年龄:  < 1 year
绝育:   No  免疫:   Yes  狂犬疫苗:   No  体内驱虫:   Yes  体外驱虫:   Yes 
the " V" furry family was rescued from a dangerous spot/busy intersection next to a metro exit , where mommy Vera gave birth. They're currently in a foster home but in a week they will BE HOMELESS !!!! PLEASE HELP them find a home ! Vera's puppies are now 8 weeks old ! KICK OFF THE YEAR RIGHT BRING HOPE FOR THE "V" FAMILY


FOR ADOPTION : please contact WECHAT : 13701603800 or scan the QR code

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