6/11/2017: BFC"爱·回家"领养日浦东嘉里城专场

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由于雷雨,活动改为星期天(6/11) BFC"爱·回家"领养日 BFCxKP ZOO ADOPTION DAY 2017.06.11(Sun) 11:00-18:00 浦东嘉里城花木路1378号 室外前庭 (H&M外) Kerry Parkside Pudong No.1378 Hua Mu Lu Front Yard (outside H&M)地铁七号线花木路站,一号出口 Subway Line 7 Huamu Road station, Exit 1. 领养代替买卖,带爱·回家 Adopt, don't shop, Adopt Love Home 将有近100只动物会在现场,等待那个愿意带它回家的你 Around 100 animals will be awaiting you to bring one home 当天除了流浪动物爱心领养 还有超棒的宠物用品,超专业的宠物医生坐诊,超有趣的互动活动 感谢有爱的品牌方们,才能让这次活动更加丰富多彩 There will be lots of events there besides adoption Many great items for sale, vets will be there to give free advice, fun interactions And thanks to all the sponsors for makiing this event happen 更少不了有爱的浦东嘉里城为此次活动提供场地 KP ZOO,一定会让你与家人玩乐无穷 And special thanks to Kerry Parkside for providing the venue KP ZOO will keep the family entertained for the whole day

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