上海 虹口     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year

I found Tommy on the night of June 18 in a sidewalk near the building where I live. He was just a very tiny kitten, crying for food, and hiding behind a motorcycle parked there. After some struggle I was able to catch him from under the motorcycle and take him home. The following day the city had very heavy rain, so I was lucky to find Tommy just in time. Once at home I looked at him carefully and I realized he was infested with fleas, so I deflead him immediately. I took him to the vet hospital a couple of days after that and he was declared a healthy tiny baby cat, however, approximately a week after that he developed a case of Panleukopenia (FPV) and was hospitalized. Tommy was a very small kitten, so his chances to survive the disease were not the best ... but he made it and without sequalae! After been released from the hospital he came back to my home, where he made friends with all my adult rescued cats. Tommy is a very friendly kitten with other cats, and he certainly loves food. He is a very handsome tabby kitten, and I believe he will become a very beautiful tabby cat when adult. His belly is yellow and black, and when you look at him he looks like a toy tiger! Thank you!


上海 奉贤     性别:公 (M)   体重:10kg - 20kg   年龄: < 1 year



上海 奉贤     性别:公 (M)   体重:5kg - 10kg   年龄: 1-5 years



上海 奉贤     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: 1-5 years



上海 静安     性别:母 (F)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year

On October 9, 2017 I walked in the parking of the building where I live and I listened a "meow" from under a parked scooter ... and there she was! Rozzie is a small female calico kitten that still had smell of shampoo in her fur. She was totally clean and had no fleas at all. Soon after I noticed that whoever dumped her in the parking also left a bag of cat food (almost empty) and a pink plastic bowl. Rozzie was very friendly and she had no idea what to do or where to go. That evening I took her to my apartment, where soon after she became the "big boss" for my other rescued cats! Currently, Rozzie is in a foster home and she has shown to be a small kitten with a huge personality! Rozzie loves people, she is not scared of strangers and she is a dog-like kitten ... always following you around when you do things around the house. She is easily entertained with the smallest things like a paper ball, her own tail and racing from room to room, and there is no surface tall enough for her: she will attempt to jump them all! If you are seriously interested in fostering or adopting Rozzie please contact Alejandra. Thank you!


上海 浦东新区     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: 1-5 years

Zeus was rescued by Awa and Laksh (Awa's son) one afternoon of June 2017, outside the entrance of Century Park in Pudong. He was standing in the middle of the road during busy traffic hours. Awa managed to get Zeus to the side of the road, but also noticed that there was a huge wound on his neck and back. Awa and Laksh immediately arranged a safety harness using a rope and rushed him to Shenkang Vet hospital. There the Vet doctor suspected him having a tumor and therefore there were various blood tests, biopsy tests and ultrasounds done, and then it was found out that it was not a tumor but a bite from another dog which had got infected. Awa arranged for getting all his medical treatment done and also got him fully vaccinated. Some time after that Zeus went to a foster home, but unfortunately he was not able to get along with the lady of the house and therefore he was sent back to Awa. Now Zeus is waiting for a foster home / adoptive home, and Awa is also planning of setting up a training program for him to help him to learn how to get along with different types of people. If you are seriously interested in meeting Zeus for fostering or adoption please contact his rescuer Awa in the following Wechat ID: keka1724


上海 徐汇     性别:公 (M)   体重:5kg - 10kg   年龄: 1-5 years

洛克是2岁多的男孩 自带白手套 之前被小区某住户遗弃 在外讨生活了一段时间 后被猫友救助 洛克很聪明但是有点胆小 已绝育已疫苗 寻有耐心的靠谱铲屎官一枚


上海 徐汇     性别:公 (M)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: < 1 year

麦麦 一岁不到 霸气小公猫 原来是鸽子棚养的 后来鸽子棚拆迁就留下来 已被猫友救助 暂住猫友家 寻有责任心不离不弃的铲屎铲一枚


上海 嘉定     性别:公 (M)   体重:10kg - 20kg   年龄: < 1 year



上海 奉贤     性别:母 (F)   体重:< 5kg   年龄: > 5 years


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