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种类:   狗 名字:   Monty 救助日期:  None
所在城市:   上海 寄养地区:   徐汇 体重:  < 5kg 性别:  公 (M) 年龄:  < 1 year
绝育:   No  免疫:   Yes  狂犬疫苗:   Yes  体内驱虫:   Yes  体外驱虫:   Yes 
Monty is a sweet loving one year old boy who loves to cuddle and play. He was rescued in Minhang district where he had been abandoned. He is completely house broken, having not even one accident in his rescuer's home! He is fully vaccinated and ready for his foster or forever loving home. Monty is particularly sweet when you get home, he is always happy to see people and he hugs with his front paws! If you are seriously interested in adopting Monty, then please contact wechat ID: TaryntAdams Thanks!


Wechat ID: TaryntAdams

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