ADOPT MR. B (3 pounds of fluffiness)

gabby  上传于 2018年2月3日 21:10   

种类:   其他 名字:   ADOPT MR. B (3 pounds of fluffiness) 救助日期:  None
所在城市:   上海 寄养地区:   普陀 体重:  < 5kg 性别:  公 (M) 年龄:  < 1 year
绝育:   No  免疫:   No  狂犬疫苗:   No  体内驱虫:   Yes  体外驱虫:   No 
Mr. B was abandoned by an irresponsible family. Luckily he was rescued just in time and taken in by a kind rescuer and now he's in a temporary foster home .He's curious and adventurous. Please consider adopting him.


For more info on adoption please contact WECHAT : snowflake_2010

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