Antonia Marie

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Pet Type:   cat Name:   Antonia Marie Rescue Date:  None
City:   ShangHai Location:   JingAn Weight:  < 5kg Gender:  母 (F) Age:  < 1 year
Desex:   Yes  Vaccinated:   Yes  Rabies:   No  Deflea:   Yes  Dewormed:   Yes 
Antonia Marie was abandoned inside the building where her rescuer lives. She was a very small tabby kitten, and was found hiding in the emergency stairs of the building. She was starving but otherwise ok. She is very friendly with other cats and kittens. Like most kittens her age, Antonia Marie is very playful and active ... but one additional lovely characteristic of hers is that she loves to wake you up every morning with plenty of "kitty kisses" (she is better than an alarm clock!).

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