Josefina and Luna

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Pet Type:   cat Name:   Josefina and Luna Rescue Date:  None
City:   ShangHai Location:   HuangPu Weight:  < 5kg Gender:  母 (F) Age:  < 1 year
Desex:   Yes  Vaccinated:   Yes  Rabies:   No  Deflea:   Yes  Dewormed:   Yes 
Josefina is an adult female cat that was found abandoned during the last Chinese New Year inside a residential building. It took several days to catch her as she was terrified, starving, hiding and moving in the apartment complex stairwell. She was finally rescued on February 23. Josefina is a very sweet cat, was found wearing a collar and had no fleas. Josefina is shy, but regaining her confidence. Several weeks later, on April 4, a 4 weeks old female kitten was found and rescued by the foster mom of Josefina. When Josefina and the baby met each other, it was love at first sight. Josefina started to nurse baby Luna, taking care of her as if she was her own baby. The two are inseparable now, and looking for a loving home together. They are both very lovely and playful!

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