3 rescued dogs (2) Urgent cases!

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Pet Type:   dog Name:   3 rescued dogs (2) Urgent cases! Rescue Date:  None
City:   ShangHai Location:   Weight:  5kg - 10kg Gender:  公 (M) Age:  < 1 year
Desex:   Yes  Vaccinated:   Yes  Rabies:   Yes  Deflea:   Yes  Dewormed:   Yes 
Yvette is a wonderful animal rescuer who has saved the lives of all the dogs in these pictures. Sadly Yvette is relocating (for job reasons) to Hong Kong this coming July 2018. Hereafter, all her rescued dogs need to find good forever homes as soon as possible. These dogs are all in Ningbo, but Yvette can relocate them to Shanghai for the right adopters. If you are seriously interested in any of them and want to give them a forever caring home, please contact Yvette at wechat ID: yvettemorin50 Thanks!

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Wechat ID: yvettemorin50

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