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Pet Type:   dog Name:   Mocha Rescue Date:  2018年3月24日
City:   ShangHai Location:   PuTuo Weight:  5kg - 10kg Gender:  母 (F) Age:  1-5 years
Desex:   Yes 2018年3月28日 Vaccinated:   Yes 2018年4月8日 Rabies:   Yes 2018年4月8日 Deflea:   Yes  Dewormed:   Yes 
She has been living in the compound for a few months, staying away from people and hide mostly in the underground car park. Given that some drivers are already complaining, and that there are other male strays in the compound, took her in for spaying. A really lovable girl that is potty trained, good habit, stay quiet and warm up to people now.

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