Tiger brother

lil000  upload on 2017年11月28日 19:53   

Pet Type:   dog Name:   Tiger brother Rescue Date:  2017年11月1日
City:   ShangHai Location:   PuDong Weight:  < 5kg Gender:  公 (M) Age:  < 1 year
Desex:   No  Vaccinated:   Yes 2017年11月28日 Rabies:   No  Deflea:   Yes 2017年11月20日 Dewormed:   Yes 2017年11月20日
The tiger brothers, male, 2 months old, who were aged without their eyes open, were thrown out of the green belts along the road by the original owner, along with their dog mother. Dog mother horrified, crying constantly in the night, in order to compete with the time of 110, we have the help of foreign aid, saved them three. Today, the dog will have to eat dog food, drink water, will play, naive, is to find a home to them time, like either of them, you can contact @ lil00075

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Ms.Li, @lil00075

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