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Pet Type:   cat Name:   Eva Rescue Date:  2018年1月13日
City:   ShangHai Location:   XuHui Weight:  --- Gender:  母 (F) Age:  < 1 year
Desex:   Yes 2018年4月20日 Vaccinated:   Yes 2018年4月14日 Rabies:   Yes 2018年4月14日 Deflea:   Yes 2018年4月2日 Dewormed:   Yes 2018年1月13日
Eva is a beautiful girl ,well-behaved,about 8months old, she is abandoned in my compound! unfortunately,she's pregnant I found out after she's rescued! Her babies were born on 12th,February, Eva is so friendly ,a devoted mom,Sterilization has been completed. if anyone likes Eva or one of her babies to take them in your family, please contact with me., WeChat: Xiaowangzibaixue Phone No.:13501797783

Contact info

rescuer name:Vivian WeChat: Xiaowangzibaixue Phone No.:13501797783

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