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After having their first pet, many people begin to realize that animals have emotions just like us. Because of one’s own pet, many people start to care for other animals around us, especially the stray animals on the street. Have you ever thought about what you can do for animals after receiving so much joy from them?

Join us and become a volunteer, you can choose to participate in one or many ways..

Any effort you put in will change and benefit their lives, and probably yours as well.

Please pay attention to our activities that may require special help, ‘Another feature that will be added to the website is for interested party to register as volunteers This will help us to better coordinate all the volunteer effort.

As this is the first bilingual animal welfare website here, there will be a tremendous amount of Chinese/English translation work needed.
we encourage our volunteers to share rides and gasoline cost when needed. If you have a car, we may contact you in some unexpected situation when we or our rescuers need help in your area.
Rescue work:
We need experienced rescuers with catching dogs and cats. You can also walk a dog or give them a bath at the shelter. We also need well versed volunteers to advise some pet owners on how to treat their animals responsibly.
Foster care:
This is an area that we need quite a lot of help from our foreign friends who are willing to provide a stray animal with a temporary home. Our shelter has very limited space. Maybe you are here temporarily and are unsure how long you will stay. Perhaps you could consider becoming a foster parent to a rescued animal before we find them a permanent home.
Event planning:
we need experienced planners, who can work under pressure and can help organize promotional events, find corporate sponsors etc.
We need help with translation, proofreading and graphic design etc. with our website. We welcome interesting stories that you can share with us to enhance our content as well.
A picture tells a thousand words. Photo enthusiasts can help capture touching moments of the homeless animals to help with their adoption.
Provide monetary assistance and pet supplies to help our rescuers lessen their burden.
Medical and beautician aid:
Our dogs at the shelter are waiting for someone to play and bath them, to trim their fur etc, and to stay healthy to await for their new parents.


Of course, you don't necessarily have to be a regular volunteer to help animals. At any time when you see cruelty acts to animals, please intervene, stop the act and advise the person of proper animal care. Tell your friends and family members to consider adoption. It is the responsibility of all of us to lead by example: to keep a pet responsibly and be considerate towards those who are not fond of animals. If you can educate your kids to care for all animals who share this world with us, you are helping to create a better future for animals and ourselves.

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