11/5 (Mon): Adopt and learn at MIXPACE

admin     2018年10月30日 11:43

Many people got an unexpected holiday on 11/5 due to the big exhibition in Shanghai, so why not come and adopt an animal or learn more about dog training? Come join us: 活动时间Time:2018.11.5 13:00——16:00 地点Location:米域|这里 (长宁区愚园路1398号)B1-B2层,(中山公园大门正对面) MIXPACE HERE, Changning district Yuyuan Road 1398, B1-B2 (Opposite Zhong Shan Park) 待领养动物:11只(3只成年犬,4只幼犬,四猫)10 friendly animals (6 dogs 4 cats) 流程 Agenda:前1.5小时以分享会为主,2.30-4为领养环节。First 1.5 hour is the training session, followed by adoption process from 2.30-4.

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