10/24-25 Adopt in Pudong Green City

admin     2015年10月19日 23:08

10/24-25(周末)October 24-25th 10:00-16:00 碧云国际社区内的碧云阳光大球场(浦东金桥蓝天路600号近蓝桉路。 Green Sunshine Stadium, No. 600, Lan Tian Lu,near Lan An Lu, Pudong City Weekend and Green City has teamed up to host the Family Day at Green Sunshine Stadium for 11 years. In its 12th year, the topic is Eco Planet. There willbe interactive games educating kids to learn about green-living and howto take care of nature and our planet and full of fun at the same time The12th Annual Family Day will also have bounce beds, carousel, petting zoo and live performances from ukulele, dance, and kungfu to entertain you.Also they have a selection of various dishes and drinks from all around the world, from some of Shanghai’s best restaurants. Animals together make our green earth a more beautiful and wonderful place to live in. BFC will bring along a dozens of rescued animals to participate in this 2-days fun filled event that attracts thousands of people each year, to find them all a good home. Come on, let's feel the charm of our green earth, BFC volunteers will also vring the dogs on stage to tell their stories.

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