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In March 2013, Shanghai Information Management School’s Small Animal Protection Organization SAPO shall elect a new board.  The outgoing student president Xu Jiayi hereby outlines the formation and growth of the school club here on Best Friends China, wishing that after the transition the school club can continue to grow, and also hope to share these experiences and more with other school groups: we are confident that as students we too can come together to make a difference in animal welfare.


1.Formation of the school club

In February 2010 a student of Shanghai Information Management School Dai Zhihui led classmates to a visit to a stray cat rescue home.  As a graduating student a and a cat lover, Dai hoped to leave a footprint in the school for many animal lovers to follow.  She decided to set up in school a Small Animal Protection Club. After a few nights of brainstorming, she wrote a business plan and submitted to the Pu Hui Tong campus for approval. A month later, SAPO (Small Animal Protection Organization) was officially founded in SIMS to spread the words of caring for stray animals.

Our small animal protection society is not just the school's first animal club, apparently it was the first such club established in middle schools of Shanghai. Holding the “Yes we can” belief, the club quickly attracts more animal loving students to join in, and students start to organize activities inside and outside school to promote more awareness for animal care.


2. The growth of the organization

Over the course of the last few years, our small animal protection society under the guidance of teachers, further refine and develop a series of standardized management system, and participates in various animal welfare activities.

2010 was the first year that our organization is established; we have to determine the name of the club, our mission, slogan, logo, etc.  We then start to promote the protection of stray animals in Xujiahui, Botanical Garden, and many club members participated in a variety of activities and formed partnership with other organizations  

At the same time, we plan for activities, set rules and regulations, design logo, and posters, create contact list, create event reports, event signup sheet, set up tables to recruit new members in school.  We make specific requirements while planning each event, so that we have rules to follow.

In addition, before and after each activity will have a member specifically responsible for promotion and newsletters, and after each activity, we asked all student members to share their views on a public online forum.

Year 2011 is the year that we start hands on work to "service" dogs and cats by  visit shelters and homes.

SAPO attract many members in the first year and we decide to spend 2011 to get into ‘real’ action. In order to better promote the idea and the objective of protection of stray animals, we organize fund raising events, and donate the money raised to the community grassroot individuals that help rescue stray dogs and cats. We  often visit a stray animal adoption base in Pudong, or help some kind ayis to care for their stray animals . Our club matures over the year and we try to help within our means to contribute little to the stray dogs and cats.

Year 2012 is the year that we participate in many events in Xuhui district (where our school is) to exchange information with other groups and schools.  We took part in the Ninth Congress of Student Groups and the 90th Anniversary of Xuhui District education system , we gained a lot of  experience and learnt a lot from other groups. , We  realized that we did not pass our information online to all in a timely manner, so our club starts to use many networking tools such as  micro-blogging (weibo), forums and QQ groups. Our members also produced a series of our own flyers.  We also contact more homes for stray dogs and cats for our members to volunteer their time to help street dogs and cats.

3. our activities

After the establishment of our club, we do all kinds of relevant promotional activities on a regular basis, We contact Tongji University "aiweihui" and National Taiwan Normal University "sunshine small animal protection association" to collaborate on promotional campaigns.  , We contacted an active community leader Jane S  to come to our school to explain the situation of stray animals to a full house of students in the big auditorium., We learnt that it is important to  adopt instead of buying a pet.  We also learnt that  sterilization surgery is important to control stray population.  :


3/13 Visiting one of the Shanghai adoption place for the first time. One of the students at the consent of the parents also adopted a kitten, we all envy this lucky cat

3/28  Visit at Shanghai Normal University, feeding stray cats

4 /14 Small animal protection awareness cards distributed in Xujiahui

4/17 Invite active volunteer Jane Su to bring two stray dogs  come to our school to give lecture. (note: Ms Jane Su is a founding members of  Best Friends China ).

5/15 visit the botanical garden to survey the situation of stray cats there.

5/ 17 Some members of the club again came to the Shanghai botanical garden. We use "Caring for small animals" as our theme, as pass many leaflets to visitors

5 /20 Three n kitten were found and adopted by our club members and were given a warm home

5/22  volunteer work at a caring for stray events in a company event.

9/13-24, we create new bulletin boards to recruit new members.

9/25d Arrange a second visit to an adoption base in Pudong

10/4 Under the leadership of the teachers, 27 club members attended World Animal Day Activities in Pudong


1/15 Community volunteers assist with fund raising event for a rescue group.

3/15 We took part in a school "Caring for stray animals” event, held a lfund raising event to learn from Lei Feng.

4/8  Visit an old lady Mrs Zhu in Xuhui district, Changqiao Po Chu village to understand the situation of the stray animals she saved and donate to her some cat food and medicine

7/2 Assign members to help in a community " love your pets" campaign in PuTuo district

9/3 Several members went to Pudong shelter to help clean the cats and dogs’ kennels.


3/10 attended the 9th Congress for student associations to exchange information

3/26-27: a day is set aside for Youth League organization in Shaoxing to distribute publicity materials, promoting our club and our mission

4/8 we set up our own micro-blogging (weibo)

All April- we collectively  beautify and improve the QQ groups, forums, micro-blogging and a series of community platforms for exchange of information

5/4 Attended 90th Xuhui District education system meeting Community and exchange information

5/6 Members design our club flag.

6/24 Get in contact with animal protection society from a tourism company

6/28 Club meeting to plan for summer community events

6/30 We visited Wu ayi  for the first time, she cares for many stray dogs and cats

7/8 members from the promotion branch of our club design club business cards

7/14 volunteered at  Wu ayi adoption place again.

8/4 volunteered at  Wu ayi adoption place again.

In these activities, the members have all learned a lot, that we have to work in hot days  under the sun in shelters,  stand in the streets in winter snow  to give our flyers,  Even though the work is hard, we become more determined to do something for stray animals.

In addition to all the above, we also produced our own magazine,. This magazine is done  by the students of our club: from design, typesetting, editing, printing, bound in book form. This magazine has documented SAPO activities bit by bit, record each time all our activities in photographs and thoughts after the event. Behind these wonderful activities, we put in a lot of sweat and time, harvested a lot, grown a lot through these activities, strengthen our organizational capacity and leadership and a sense of team co-operation and opens up our horizons and hopes to see more students driving the enthusiasm of other students.

4. our vision

Looking back, we are pleased, and looking into the future, we are confident.

First, we want to set new trails, to inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of our club and also to set new stages for new situations, and make our club elevated to a new development platform. In this semester, in addition to our original Planning division and promotion division, we come to the conclusion that we need a network information division to manage and share information electronically, such as file archives, QQ Group of member management (various messaging tools to publish information, group members join/exit) through network building with members and general users of Exchange platform.

Second, in schools, we should step up our efforts to let more students to participate actively in it.  Outside, we would like to call on people to use adoption instead of buying, advocate for stray cats and dogs to perform sterilization surgery, let more people know, how to help these poor little animals.

Third, determine what kind of information the promotion division shall work on.  Continue to beautify community microblogging, forums, posters, event notices ( Including school notice boards ) 。

The planning: division has the overall responsibility for the club’s filing and cataloging work, including activities, newsletters, photos, events and preparations. While we need to be more focus on activities before and after the preparation, continue tirelessly to grasp the day-to-day management and the foundation of society, at the same time improving the social control mechanism makes it closer to the members ' needs, leading and gathering more classmates to a higher and better goal to work towards.

Fourth, to strengthen collaborative exchanges, to build up a harmonious campus

Strengthen with other campuses within the school community and other schools in the district nonprofit communication and liaison between, members opened up a broader, open platform. For example, we can work with our high school environmental care and social, clubs to launch a series of activities. Or work with other schools in the region and learn their experience, in order to build harmonious campuses on our part!

India Gandhi once said," the more helpless animals are, the more human beings should protect them against human cruelty.  A nation’s greatness and ethical standards are judged from the way how its people treat animals.  We can tell from the attitude towards animals if the nation is great, their morals are in progress or falling. ”

In the future, we will continue to use all our youth time to achieve our dreams! We want our club’s activities and goals to be the best memories of our youth time! Also we hope that more students from all schools can  join us and forms similar clubs  so that we as students can have more power to help these poor homeless companion animals. We are convinced that: if we can, you can too!  We want to tell everyone that: animals deserve better life too!



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