10 Weird Facts about Cats Ⅱ

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6.刚被摸过的地方要马上舔干净Licking up wherever was touched

You may probably notice that your cat often uses its tongue to lick up the partof its body which was just fondled by you. A lot of people get embarrassed due to this discovery, and they assume that their cats dislike themselves.

Behavioral AnalysisJust like how humans are unaccustomed to the odor of cats, some cats get uncomfortable with the odor of humans as well, especiallywhen they don’t want to be touched by mankind. However, when cats are eager to receive caresses, they may not clean up themselves right away. Owners and pets need to acclimatize each other’s odor.

7.埋东西 Burying things

Have you ever seen your cat pretending to bury something near its bowl afterfinishing its meal? Apparently, cats are different from dogs, they do not bury bones underneath carpets and wait to gnaw after it ferments.

Behavioral AnalysisThis behavior manifests cats’ dissatisfaction of their meals.

A prevalents saying claims that this is a subconscious behavior rather than animplicative one. Another saying suggests that cats attempt to tell you that the food is no better than excrement, since cats bury their excrement after defecate.

8.嘲笑行为Mocking Behavior

You may be curious about why your cat shows a mysterious look, like contempt or ridicule, after sniffing at something.

Behavioral AnalysisIn fact, even if cats notice any unpleasant smell from their owners, they won’t expose your little secret to anybody else. The mocking behavior is just an indication of weird smells which make cats curious. After all, cats have hypersensitive olfactory sensation and infinite curiosity.

9.帮人类洗澡 “Bathing”Humans

Sometimes, cats are super obliging to people when cats miss them. They stick around their owners, climb up to the couch, and even lick humans’ hair(According to cats’ understanding, licking fur is equal to getting bathed LOL)

Behavioral AnalysisThis is how cats express their emotions! Cats lick hair for you only when they love you or they care about you so much that they treat you like their fellows or even their families. Sometimes, they may even furtively “comb” your hair while you’re asleep. Please don’t mind too much, because they really like you!

10.踩奶行为 Kneading Behavior

Did your cat use to be a baker in its previous life? When you see your catkneading something like a baker kneading dough, you may probably think that your cat used to knead dough everyday!

Behavioral AnalysisIn fact, your cat just recalls the moment when it wasembraced and fed by its mother. When a cat is immersed into the yearning of its milky childhood, it usually uses its fore paws to pull or to knead something like a

woolen carpet. There are 2 potential explanations to this behavior: 1. due to early separation from Mom; 2. due to natural instincts.

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