SAPO: 2012/5 started shelter visits

SAPO     2013年3月6日 19:14

We students at Shanghai Information Management School 's SAPO club want to get hands-on experience working with a shelter to know more about the daily work involved, We contacted a Wu Ayi who is taking care of many cats and dogs in Baoshan and decided to spend 2012/6/30 to help her clean the place. I, SAPO president Jiayi, went with my teacher MS Lu and some other volunteers.

We wore rubber aprons, gloves and masks and started a half day work there.

We started with the dog kennel and immediately realized that it is not an easy task. The dogs are so excited and jumped all over us. Luckily Ms Lu was not afraid of dogs and calmed them down before we can continue. We also washed some dogs under the guidance of the experienced volunteers there.

We then washed our hands and started to clean the cats' litter box and also their eyes. The cats were very happy and relaxed to see us 'servicing' them.

Since then SAPO has gone there to help on a regular basis.

We know as students that this kind of volunteer work may not be helping the animals too much, but we want to do the best within our ability to help more stray animals and to tell others that if we can, you can too.



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